New preprint -- How to approach the study of syndromes in macroevolution

After a considerable amount of time and effort we have completed a perspective/review piece on the concept of syndromes in macroevolution. We argue that application of rigorous approaches at each stage of investigation is essential to establish the existence of a syndrome and associate it with adapation to a specific... [Read More]

Final dissertation chapter finally published!

A follow up to my previous post about preprints from my disseration work: the final chapter of my dissertation was split up into two papers focusing on two different aspects of the project. Both of these are now available in final peer-reviewed form. Citations and links below. [Read More]

Two recent pre-prints from my dissertation work!

My work in the Harms lab at University of Oregon focused on understanding the evolution of protein biochemical properties and activities. My later work, comprising the last chapters of my dissertation, was centered on the evolution of peptide binding specificity in the S100 protein family. Using molecular phylogenetics and ancestral... [Read More]