Career announcement--moving to Colorado State University!

I am very excited to announce that, starting in mid April, I am going to transition to working as a researcher with Dr. Geoff Morris in the Department of Soil and Crop Sciences at Colorado State University ( This work will focus on using bioinformatics, mathematical/computational modeling, and genomics to... [Read More]

Papers (former pre-prints) officially published!

I previously posted here and here about two pre-prints that were released in 2021. The first was a perspective piece about studying syndromes in macroevolution and ecology. The second was a study of the molecular evolution of flower color genes in Petunia and its wild relatives. Both of these articles... [Read More]

New preprint -- How to approach the study of syndromes in macroevolution

After a considerable amount of time and effort we have completed a perspective/review piece on the concept of syndromes in macroevolution. We argue that application of rigorous approaches at each stage of investigation is essential to establish the existence of a syndrome and associate it with adapation to a specific... [Read More]